Sun Kyeong
A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Sun Kyeong is an energy practice that began in the mountains of South Korea, reconnecting us to ourselves, nature and the Universe by tuning to the vibration of life, Qi. With the world in ever expanding social and environmental crises, now more than ever humanity needs a new method that can transcend the limits of human thinking.

Sun Kyeong comprises of Qi Sessions, Qi Classes and a transformational Ancestor Healing course designed to clear inherited patterns.

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Many of the problems people experience today stem from a depletion of Qi.

At work and in our personal lives, many of us stand at the same threshold daily and think something has to change. Stress, worry, fatigue and chronic health conditions are on the rise. People are searching for a way to be truly happy and find meaning in their lives.

We have become increasingly disconnected from the vibration of life – Qi. Sun Kyeong can be a transformative pathway intended to help us connect to the infinite source of universal light, love and energy designed to keep us healthy, happy and supported to live in harmony with each other and nature.

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Jeff New York City
A fortuitous encounter with a Korean Qi master 18 years ago forever altered the course of Jeff’s life.  Jeff reluctantly accepted a QI Session from this unassuming man.  In the days and nights that followed, he felt a relief that was immediate and profound.  “It was like someone had released the air out of a very tightly filled balloon, I slept deeply. I could not remember feeling this content. I was filled with curiosity and questions. How could someone possess the power to create a shift so vast and meaningful in the course of one session?” Six months later this curiosity took Jeff deep into the mountains of South Korea where he trained alongside some of the world’s foremost Qi masters. As the months and years passed he felt stronger, more positive, lighter. In 2011, Jeff became a Qi Master.

Renate Los Angeles