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A Powerful Acupressure & Qi Energy Treatment

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Ministry Wealth of Wellness, Villa – 27B St, Jumeirah Dubai

What is a Qi energy treatment?

Our Qi Masters – like Leigh-Anne pictured right – work all over the body physically, whilst sending the vibration of Qi into the areas where it’s needed. When you have received Qi energy and it is free flowing, you feel clearer, more energised and able to achieve what you want.


The treatment is deeply energising, giving you the vitality to change yourself on the deepest level, whilst removing pain and tension and clearing the mind. This treatment is the height of luxury and quality, receiving everything you need to heal and transform in the ways you have always wanted.  


Our Qi Masters are practitioners with a wealth of experience, working with thousands of people, helping them to achieve their goals, aspirations and heal. Find abundance, prosperity and health with Qi energy treatments.

Key Benefits

Qi (also known as chi) is often translated to ‘vital life force’, a universal energy that flows through our body allowing us to facilitate true harmony in life. Often put out of balance by our busy stressful lives.



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Qi is a universal vibration that allows us to:

What is Qi?

Increase our energy

Strengthen our mind

Regain our health

Clear negative emotions

Feel calmer, lighter, and have greater mental clarity

The energy treatments helped to overcome 7 years of chronic fatigue where I was bed bound and had to stop working to where I transformed  and was able to run my own coaching business and live my dream. With the treatments I got my energy back, I can’t speak highly enough of them and I recommend anyone to try them and see how they benefit you.

Harpreet, London

My thoughts changed to a much more positive state, almost feeling like it was impossible to have a negative thought.

Aisha, Dubai

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45 minutes including a consultation.

You will likely feel a shift in energy internally, people experience feeling lighter, brighter, and generally happier and more positive.

It is a completely painless experience. Clients have described the session as relaxing as a regular massage.

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